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Celebrating 50 Years!
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President's Message

President's Message

Dear Parents, Alumni, and Friends,


The beginning of another school year is upon us, and this time of year always brings a tremendous amount of excitement and hope. Only a few short months ago we said goodbye to the class of 2016, and now we welcome the class of 2021, as well as a number of students in the upper grades. Over 790 students will fill the halls of E. D. White Catholic High School this year and our staff has been preparing for them for the past two months.

A number of exciting things have happened over the summer as we work hard to achieve our mission of imparting the Catholic faith, promoting academic excellence and enhancing self-esteem.


1) The Jeanette Labat Science Corridor is nearing completion! All of our science labs in the main building have been completely renovated with state-of-the-art equipment and new innovative workstations. This $800,000 project is possible because of the generous donations of many in the community.

2) One of our classrooms near the front of the school has been renovated with the addition of an office and a large conference room.

3) One of our classrooms, room 3, has had some renovations with a new drop-ceiling and LED lighting.

4) Some concrete work was done around the campus, most notably, the addition of a handicapped accessible ramp in front of the main building and near the chapel.

5) Construction on a new field house at the baseball field is scheduled to be completed in September. This $250,000 project is also made possible by the generous donations of many in the community.


This will be an exciting year for the E. D. White family as we celebrate 50 years! In March of 1966, Archbishop Phillip Hannan officially changed the name of Thibodaux Central Catholic to Edward Douglas White Catholic High School. When Hannan was an altar boy at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C., he became aware of how devoted Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward Douglas White was to the Catholic faith. White grew up near Thibodaux, so it was only fitting that the school be named after him.  There are many events being scheduled to celebrate this momentous event.  A schedule of events is listed on our website.



We are ready once again to continue the tradition of excellence, and I look forward to seeing each of you at school in the near future. Please call me if there is anything we can do to help make the 2016-2017 school year a great success.





Tim Robichaux '79, President