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Impart the Catholic faith!      Promote academic excellence!      Enhance self-esteem!


We think it is important to partner with our parents, alumni and friends to provide the best education possible for our students.  Donations are made in the form of cash and matching gifts to be used to purchase needed educational equipment and supplies. These gifts assure that EDW stays on the cutting edge of education today.  This year’s annual fund dollars can be directed by donors to debt reduction, technology, refurnishing the band room, and enhancing athletic dressing facilities.
E. D. White Catholic High School

$50,000.00 – 50th Anniversary Raffle Rules


Tickets may be purchased in the main office or by calling Jane Bourgeois at (985) 449-1859

Once tickets are purchased, they will be mailed to you.

  1. The ticket price is $10.00 per ticket
  2. Checks should be made payable to E. D. White Catholic High School.
  3. The drawing will be held on April 1, 2017 at 8PM at E.D. White Catholic High School, 555 Cardinal Drive, Thibodaux, LA
  4. The winner need not be present at the drawing
  5. Should a minor win the raffle, the proceeds will be distributed to the minor’s legal guardian.
  6. All ticket stubs, collected money, and/or unsold tickets must be returned to the Advancement office by March 17, 2017.
  7. Anyone is eligible to win with the exception of Michelle Chiasson, Principal of E. D. White, Tim Robichaux, President of E. D. White and Bishop Shelton Fabre, Bishop of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux.
  8. 20,000 tickets have been printed.
  9. Appropriate taxes will be taken out before check is issued to winner.
  10. Tickets can be purchased in the Advancement office.





50 + Advancing the Mission

As we move into the next 50 years, there are two needs that must be addressed in order for us to continue to provide academic excellence.

Phase I.   Jeanette Labat Science Corridor – All of our science labs have served us well for 50 years and have never been renovated. These labs serve the needs of all of our biology, chemistry and physics students. Over 6000 students have used these labs over the last 50 years and improvements are needed. Many things have changed in the field of science education, and we must upgrade our labs in order to meet the current needs of our students who are our future doctors, nurses, engineers and scientists.


Phase II.   Academic Enhancement Center Expansion – Our Academic Enhancement Center gives students with learning differences the help that they need to get an outstanding education.  The program services over 160 students, and our current facility is not adequate to properly handle this number.  This expansion would double the size of the current facility.


Phase III.   Extension of the Perè Menard Hall - when the Perè Menard Hall was built in 2002, the building was designed with the intent that it would someday be extended.  We are still using four portable buildings behind the Perè Menard Hall.  These buildings are over 20 years old and need to be replaced. An extension of the Perè Menard Hall would add five classrooms and an art studio.  The current area above the main gymnasium used for art classes is small and inadequate for the needs of our many art students.


Annual Fund

The E. D. White Catholic Advisory Council in partnership with the school administration has recommended that the Annual Fund Drive focus on the Academic Enhancement Center expansion.  By donating funds to be used for this purpose, you will help build a bright future for E. D. White Catholic.

Donate to Annual Fund


The athletic department is in the process of upgrading dressing facilities for student athletes.  Locker rooms have been created for boys / girls basketball and the football locker room has been completely refurbished.  An office for female coaches has been created on the 2nd floor of the main gymnasium.  Annual fund donations have paid for a large portion of this project, but additional funds are needed to cover the $250,000 price tag. 


Donate to Athletics




Music Program

A ceremony was held in November 2013 for the dedication of the E. D. White music hall to St. Theresa of Lisieaux. The ceremony was filled with stories of tradition and love for St. Theresa and the EDW music program.  Annual fund donations to the music program have been designated to assist in the completion of renovations to the St. Theresa Music Hall.  New flooring, a new ceiling, new lighting, and upgrades to the a/c system are currently underway. 


Donate to Music





Technology is shown to be an essential component of a 21st century education because it helps develop fundamental learning skills by giving students access to large amounts of information which they can transform into useful knowledge. Through donations to the annual fund, E. D. White Catholic implemented a one-to-one iPad program for teachers and students for the 2012-2013 school year. It has been a resounding success and the school thanks all who helped with this project. Additional funding is needed to continue training related to this new technology. In coming years, the iPad will allow for adoption of interactive textbooks as well as media-rich supplemental material.


Donate to Technology




Tuition Assistance

E. D. White Catholic High School is dedicated to keeping tuition affordable for students from all economic backgrounds through need-based tuition assistance. The school does not offer any type of scholarship based on proficiency in academics or any co-curricular area. Annual fund donations to tuition assistance allow the school to assist a greater number of families in need.


Donate to Tuition Assistance